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Caseload Manager is the #1 case management system for college & university, non-profit, corporate and governmental ombuds offices!  Ombuds

Ombuds Data Security

Ombuds Online Security

Our Ombuds Caseload Manager Model includes: 

  • Optional auto delete of participant identifying Information upon case close
  • Ability to segregate and retain non-identifying demographic data
  • Available IOA case management categories model
  • Instant access to case and office data

We provide an unlimited ability to configure Caseload Manager to suit your program's data and reporting needs.  We have extensive expertise in protecting participant identities.

Please check out the Tour resources at and the Caseload Manager Support Center. The Help Topics List will give you a sense of the available capacities of Caseload Manager.

Please schedule a personal tour with us at your earliest convenience.  We will set you up with a system to try out for free for a month (more if needed) and work with you and your team to optimize Caseload Manager.

See how the ICANN Ombuds Office uses Caseload Manager for its annual report. 

Prepare to be impressed!

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