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Location at Amazon Web Services

Caseload Manager utilizes the hosting and security services of Amazon Web Services (AWS) the largest provider of hosting services in the world.

Our primary systems are located in the US-East (N. Virginia) region. We can also host client specific services and/or data in other Amazon regions, including AWS EU-Frankfurt. We have access to all 14 world-wide Amazon hubs as is helpful.

Nature of Caseload Manager Encryption

Caseload Manager data is encrypted on two levels. Our "data in motion" (data that is moved across the internet is encrypted by Digicert "High Assurance SHA2 Extended Validation" SSL certificates (2048 bit, RSA). In addition, in support of the SSL certificate, only protocol TLS 1.2 is supported by our systems, since all earlier protocol versions are now considered not fully secure.

Caseload Manger "data at rest" is data that is static, such as data stored on our database server backups. Our data at rest is encrypted using client controlled AWS-KMS master keys. The master keys in AWS-KMS are protected by FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic modules. More information here and here.

Caseload Manager Security Generally

  • Our systems have passed recent and repeated penetration testing (including by IMF).
  • Systems and software security patches are always applied immediately.
  • Our SSL systems have an "A" rating with
  • We pass quarterly PCI system scan compliancy testing with, as well as a detailed annual analysis by them.
  • We also subscribe to system auditing services including the Qualys suite, Hackmycf,, MXToolbox and more.


AWS reliability is covered in their Service Level Agreement (SLA), linked here:

Caseload Manager reliability is covered in our own SLA, linked here.

Caseload Manager Backup Information is here.